Laundry Life Lessons

laundryPeople have a difficult time seeing things from someone else’s point of view. They hesitate to delegate a despised task because they wouldn’t want to do it so they wouldn’t want to trouble someone else with a hated task.

But delegation isn’t punishment.

Now what if you could hire someone that loves {hated task}? They are out there somewhere. I used to date a guy who would come home from work and fold laundry to calm his nerves! I probably kept him around longer than I should have just because of my sheer hatred of laundry.

So you hate doing this task… they love it. And they do it better and faster.


And you get the laundry folded as a bonus.

Integration and a Huge Mess in My Own Kitchen


I talk a lot about the importance of Integration and Grounding as steps in energy clearing. Integration itself is an act of putting energy and things “back where they belong”, or organizing them more efficiently. Kind of a leap in thinking for energy and soul work. But recently it’s a literal, physical lesson I’ve been learning.

My partner moved in with me in February. With that came a lot of learning points, how to work our schedules, how to work around one or both of us being sick, how to function when both of us had surgery within a week of each other (one planned, one emergency), and surprisingly, how to integrate our households. I thought “No big deal. David isn’t bringing any furniture, or large things. I organize other people’s houses *all* the time.”

Well **EFF** was I wrong. For 6 weeks, there was stuff everywhere. It’s been several months and somethings still don’t have a place. Read more

Why I’ve been off Wheat and Gluten for 5 years

Today is Monday. I am 29 years old. It’s 10:38 a.m. and I’ve been in bed for more than 12 hours. I can barely move.

My lower back is seized up. My hips, knees, ankles, wrists, shoulders, and neck ache and move stiffly.

For 5 years, I ate zero wheat.

Five years ago, my allergist found that I was allergic to wheat and suggested I go completely wheat free for a time. 3 months later, I’d lost 52 pounds and felt better than I had in years.

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