Sugar Rush

candyIn February 2012, I found out that I was allergic to wheat and caffeine. Yes, I am so serious. I already knew I was allergic to honey, cinnamon, ginger, turkey, all tropical fruit, grapes, walnuts, and hazelnuts. So as I’m talking to my allergist, he suggests that because I have to give up wheat and caffeine, I might think about giving up sugar. I walked out and thought sure. I’ll start eating super clean. (Please let me suggest that you never, EVER try to stop sugar cold turkey.) My third night off sugar, I dreamed: I was hiding in a hotel, not a very nice one. The bedspread had ugly flowers on it. I was cheating on my new eating restrictions. I ate a whole pizza, a box of donuts, several boxes of chocolate candy, cupcakes, cookies. Then I passed out in a sugar coma, in a pile of wrappers and boxes. The dream was so realistic that I woke up feeling guilty and actually expecting to find a bunch of wrappers in my bed. Strangely enough it satiated my sugar cravings for the day.

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