Save The Astronauts

A very strange dream:

Begins with me sitting on a bus talking to a man who I obviously boarded with. these seats were made before everyone got fat(I haven’t been on a bus in probably 10 years.) He is tall, black, with short dark hair that’s start to gray, very good looking even though he has an aged look to his face and hands like he has seen far too much in his life. He has on a white button down shirt and gray slacks.

We are riding the bus to Montgomery, Alabama, then to New Orleans. I have no idea where we are or where we boarded. He is an Ob-Gyn and I don’t know how or why I know him. The seats on the bus are orange leather, perhaps brown that has long faded. The bus is comfortable and not overly crowded.

Suddenly, we are flash-back style in a botany lab. The doctor (his name might be Sherman or Simon) is delivering a baby. The mother is frail, wtih long black hair and a white robe. There are 5 or 6 nurses but I can’t see their faces. They are dressed sort of like nuns in full white. I may or may not have actually been in the room.

As we flash forward back to the bus, the doctor and I are now laying down in a mattress sized bus seat (not in a sexual manner at all.) There is an old white-haired lady holding a gray tote bag across the aisle that occasionally speaks to me. The doctor is telling me about a fatal issue with newborns that I only catch in snippets.

As we travel along, the doctor and I move seats. The mattress sized seat was near the back on the left. The next seats are closer to the middle on the right. forward facing. The last seats are side facing bench style, slightly further forward.

Suddenly I realize I’ve left my purse behind. A lady who must be a young working mother is sitting in our previous seats. She has a purple, open top tote bag, exactly like mine and I go through it for a moment before realizing it’s not actually mine. She makes no protest and doesn’t even really look up from her phone call. She had a white iPod, an altoids can, some receipts, a white notebook, and a black bra in her purse.

I continue back and find my bag wedged between the seats of the mattress seat and as I pulled it out, I woke up.

When I woke up, I was exhausted and it took me a few moments to realize it had all been a dream because it was so realistic, down to the feel of the bus seats on my hands.

Photo Attribution: Flickr user Hona Lulu

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