Old-Time Bully

<em>In this dream, I was more of an observer than actually a participant I believe. I felt like I could “float” from room to room, like I was on the end of a boom camera, making super smooth transitions.</em>

It was a different time period. One were flues were still used for heat.

A scampy little boy is walking home from school and all the other school boys are being cruel to him. He’s dirty and the whole dream was very dark, like it was always a cloudy, winter day. He was also dressed in heavy clothing.

One evening, his mother and father come home, through the back door, to find someone has kicked in a panel of their front door. A man and his son are outside and when they open the door to inquire the man says something nasty about their son.

As the father goes upstairs to check the house and for the little boy, the mother stands at the front door and stands her Vintage Baseball in Hoboken ground. She said to the man outside, “If anyone is found in our house, I will kill him.” She grabbed him by the coat collars and told him, “What my son is going through is insane. Will you look at your son?! He can’t even play outside because they harass him so badly. He just wants to play baseball!”

The man, with dirty blonde hair, and a tall, black hat, that once was dressy but is now just worn, started to tear up and pulls the mother to him as she continues to hysterically rant.

The father comes down the stairs and is concerned because he can’t immediately figure out why the man has ahold of his wife. He seems to trust her completely and is just worried about her safety. No one else was in the house and the little boy is fine.

The man says something to his son about being a liar. I can see out the open front door and the sky is still dreary.

<em>When I woke up from this dream, my blood pressure was up and I was apprehensive, like I had really just been in the room with a fight.</em>

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