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This week, I’d like to welcome a Featured Guest Blog Author. Riley is my 8 year old, laundry 2015-11-25 14.06.30 HDRand dishwasher assistant, and is wonderful at finding tools, my phone, and other things that are just out of my reach. She is very responsible, and makes sure to feed all her animals and do her homework. She has been learning to write essays at school, and loves to read, write, and type at home as well.

This is an unedited post, and my only comments are in (parathesis) or the picture captions.

Welcome Riley!

My mom once was fixing her bunny tattoo when they somehow brought up that Todd (the guy doing
mom’s tattoo) had an art gallery and so it began. First I will tell you about the chairs, then the gallery/Todd, and last but not least the tables.

The pack of 6 chairsfixed chairs

First my mom had to ask Pawpaw, my kind of family member, to get us a set of 6 chairs from a bidder (pick up from an auction) and then bring it to us. First we took off all the olden times fabric, because this is antique and it was 180 years old, and it had horse hair in it, and since I have asthma I had to stay away from it.

Next we had to take out the springs. Last we had to respring them.

Yes this is the same tattoo. Click for Detail.

Yes this is a coverup. Todd’s art is breathtaking. Click for Detail.

The Gallery and Owner

The gallery is going to have the chairs, the tables, and paintings/people. It’s going to be big and have a lot of Marvel, Star Wars, Mario, and flower paintings. It also is mostly going to be made, planned by my mother Erica Cosminsky.

Todd is a really nice guy that has red hair and is white. He pays my mom for how long she works on the art gallery. He also paints some of the pictures

Apparently, the custom Rococo Blue paint I handmixed looks "moldy". Sniff.

Apparently, the custom Rococo Blue paint I handmixed looks “moldy”. Sniff.

The 3 Tables

The tables we had to nail, paint, and fix. First we took off the mirror that connected them. Next we had to take off the mirror holders. Then we painted the tables a moldy colored blue.

After that we waxed it in some places because it makes the white paint come off and make it look old and moldy and we want it to look old.

Then for the silver table we painted the top of it white then left the bottom silver.

Why did I write this?

I wrote this so people could see how hard some people work for little things. Like light bulbs, Benjamin Franklin he didn’t give up. And neither will me and mom.

 Thank you for sharing my project from your perspective, Riley!
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  1. Nicole Liloia
    Nicole Liloia says:

    Riley — I love the attention you pay to all the details in your life!!! It’s amazing how all these little things add up to such a big project — your mom is lucky to have such a great helper 🙂


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