Health- The Heart of the Home: Feng Shui and Money- A Nine Week Book/Program

“Eric has brightly lit each step of the path to abundance. Take a nine-week walk with him –you won’t regret it!” Karen Rauch Carter, author of Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life

Feng Shui and Money: A Nine-Week Program for Creating Wealth Using Ancient Principles and Techniques was written by a practitioner named Eric Shaffert.

Feng Shui is the Art of  a creating Harmony in physical spaces such as homes. It focuses on promoting flow so energy can move through a home. Feng Shui is a continual practice as things change, and grow, and as you want to have a  constant effort in bringing fresh energy into your life. As Certified Feng Shui practitioners, we tend to focus on finding the detrimental issues and work to correct them, and add cures. While detrimental issues can be huge things like an unsafe renovation, or standing rancid water, it can also be a stuckness- no motion, no way to invite in change. Even as practitioners, we work to always strive to find our next step.

I’m going to be working through the whole book up to the Lunar New Year on January 28th, 2017, and the shift to the Year of the Rooster on February 4, 2017. I’m going to be working through Mr. Shaffert’s book on three levels. Prior to Lunar or Chinese New Year it is tradition to deep clean your home. I am also moving to a different condo in my condo complex just before Lunar New Year, so I’ll actually be working on this project in both of my condo units, and I’m really excited about having a completely renovated unit to start the new year in. Read more


Dreamed I was working in a horrible, tiny, labyrinth of a store, but my boss was the same woman I work with at the library. Quit my job after getting in a fight with a customer who was trying to shoplift something that wasn’t even for sale.

Decided to take a long trip to Northern Australia, where I drove and drove for miles. In the middle of nowhere I found a job as a aid at a health center (maybe a psychiatric place). The walls were all powder blue.Blue wall

While walking out to my car on the second day, I was attacked by a huge hulk of a man, with a shaved head and blue eyes.

Managed to narrowly escape when a male co-worker, with soft-looking, brown hair, saw what was happening and drove between me and the huge man with his car. My rescuer had on white scrubs and a blue sweatshirt-hoodie. There were some kind of wisteria bushes all around the outside of the center.

The huge man was forced to leave the center but I only stayed for a few days longer. I ended up going back and getting my first job back.

4 Best Headsets and Microphones for Recording in your Home Office

As some of you many know, my first business was a virtually based business-focused transcription company. One of my most popular posts, and a question I still get asked a lot is related to headsets and recording devices. This is an updated post from my transcription website.

Looking for the best device to record interviews, podcasts, phone calls, or Camtasia videos for your home office? Take a look at these 5 outstanding and affordable options.

Plantronics .Audio 995 Wireless Stereo Headset

Plantronics 995 Wireless Headset*2015 update: I finally had to buy a new headset. It lasted 6 years, had been dropped in water, carried in my bag multiple times a week, beat to crap, and it still worked. But one of my cats got ahold of a snag in the “leather” cover on the ear pieces and tore it apart. I finally gave in and ordered a new one, identical to the one I’d had all this time. New one is awesome too.

*2014 update: Ok. So I’m hard on electronics and stuff. I take my laptop and headset with me a lot so I’m tossing my stuff in my briefcase all the time. One day I tried to pull the USB dongle for my .995 out of my laptop at the coffee shop and it basically snapped in half. I had to get a pair of pliers to get the metal bit out of the port. A little finagling and I was able to fix the dongle. And my five year old headset still works perfectly fine. (Although I probably will replace it this year.)*

*2013 update: Reason #459 I love my Plantronics Headset: My headset is now 4 years old. This week  our condo had our carpet cleaned. I had picked up some stuff and moved a table into my bathroom to get it off the carpet… including my headset. Somehow, (I’m blaming Pudding) my headset ended up pushed off the table into the cat’s water dish for an unknown number of hours, while the carpet dried. Overnight in a bowl of rice, and it’s still working fine.

*2012 update: I have now had my Plantronics headset for 3 years. At one point, my USB dongle died. Plantronics replaced with no problems. I know the day Plantronics comes out with a headset this comfortable with a micro-dongle, I’ll be fighting for the front of the line.

*Original Post: I love, love, love my 995 Wireless Headset. In fact, I’m on vacation right now and it’s on my night table in the hotel room with me. I never travel without it and I use it nearly every day. It has a USB receiver which gives it a better sound quality and connection than a Bluetooth device. When I was transcribing a great deal, I would use it for 8-10 hours a day and it was still comfortable to wear. I even gave one away for our business anniversary in February 2010. I also bought one for my Project Manager.

The audio quality is phenomenal. Many times the quality using my Skype subscription is much better than using my cell phone or even a land line phone. The microphone is sound cancelling and I have had instances where my daughter was talking to me and the person on the other end of the phone couldn’t hear her.

The only thing about the Plantronics .Audio 995 Wireless Headset is it’s a little bulky because of the additional padding for comfort. I wish Plantronics made one of these headsets that folded for easier travel.

I could talk about this headset all day but for $55, my best advice is order one now.

So if I love the Plantronics headset so much why do I need another device? First the headset can’t record two or more people well. Second on occasion you may want to record a live speech or interview. Read on for microphone and handheld recorder suggestions. Read more