Building a Solution in My Own Kitchen

Even as a Feng Shui Practitioner, there are always ways to improve our homes, and lives for better functionality. We live in a decent sized two-story townhouse. Our kitchen is large, which I love. After our last apartment I refused to ever live with a galley kitchen again.

The thing is… it’s not laid out great. I wish the counter between the living room and kitchen was the same height. I wish there was at least one “wide” cabinet (and by wide, I mean normal width.)

I cook a lot. Like nearly every meal, nearly every day. I work from home so I either cook my lunch or heat up left overs (I do like to strategically batch cook.) I have four pieces of stoneware (think Pampered Chef) and a cast iron dutch oven that won’t fit in our cabinets. I used to store them in the oven, but since I’m constantly using the oven, I was constantly moving all these pieces that aren’t all that light.  Read more