Authentic Affiliate Academy

My business coach, Nicole Lilioa, recently launched her Authentic Affiliate Academy. I talked with her about why she decided to teach her method, and what affiliate marketing can look like for soul-centric businesses, who want genuine connections in their businesses right down to who they give reviews and referrals to. 

Check it out and let me know if you have any questions about affiliate marketing for Nicole or myself. The Academy is for sale for $97 until October 5th ($147 after!) I am NOT an affiliate for this program. I just love Nicole and her teaching and coaching style. Her mastermind this year has been the best I have ever experienced.


Erica Cosminsky Edwards is an Interior Stylist and Designer, and Certified Feng Shui Practicioner holding her Red-Ribbon Feng Shui Practitioner’s Certification from the International Feng Shui Guild.

She has extensively studied Chinese medicine, Chinese face-reading, Nine Star Ki, and energy healing, as well as traditional design, and psychology.

A life-time student of life, Erica loves to read and learn new things. When she's not on the phone with her clients, you might find her at a locally owned coffee shop (not drinking coffee), or at one of the local libraries.

She lives just outside Nashville, Tennessee with her husband David, and her daughter, Riley, 4 cats: Princess Pudding Puff, the Scottish Fold, Niko, the chatty Russian Blue, Duchess, the dumpster cat, and David's kitten, Eva Marie.

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