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Once upon a time, I had vivid, Alice-in-Wonderland-style, off-the-wall dreams nearly every night. One of my best friends jokingly would start our morning conversations with what insane planet were you on last night? Over a year ago, I started doing a lot of meditation and channeling while awake and basically stopped dreaming for a while. Recently my dreams have started back and they are insanely vivid, even more so than usual for me. Last April, I had surgery and when I was in recovery one of my spirit guides revealed herself to me.

A little background: A few nights before, a soul guide intuitive answered a question for me- I asked about missing my mission or purpose in life, because I felt like I had been sent back several times because I had something unfinished. She told me that I already knew what it was and the guides said that I should look left. (Which would have been great advice except I was moving furniture when she was reading me and I didn’t get the email until hours later.) So she told me that my guides would answer me if I asked for clarity. I did some meditation and free writing. My answer was “The money will come and wait for the dream.”

This morning I had knee surgery. When I was in recovery coming out of the fog, one of guides appeared to me, first time ever. She was a small, round woman wearing an cheerful orange dress within flowers on the hem. Her hair was silvery white and bobbed. She talked to me for a while, while we put wallpaper on cats. (Yes!)The cats didn’t like glue but they loved showing their personalities through their custom designs. The conversation was deep and feels like it has made some huge subconscious shifts, calming ones. I was very sure it was real and after I had come totally up the anesthesiologist came in to remove the EEG from my head. (Some people in my family have anesthesia trouble so they were being extra careful.) He said I have never seen an EEG with such an active Alpha state during a surgery. Then he laughed and said that he rarely did EEGs but all the same.
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