The Magic of Aligning to Desires and Needs

Updated Office

A few weeks ago I started redesigning my office area. It’s very open in our house so if  it is cluttered it is highly noticeable.

I got a $40 roll-ey shelf. The dimensions didn’t match what it said they were online but I, being handy, made it work. I reported to their customer service and they refunded half my money. Nice bonus.

I was gifted two filing cabinets that I initially wasn’t sure I wanted. They are nice two drawer cabinets and then I realized part of my clutter problem is NO (and i mean zero storage.)

My desk is glass top with not a single drawer. All my papers and work were out and visible. The cabinets allowed me two drawers and room to organize my papers and work.

I only had a handful of normal (read ugly green) hanging files. To utilize the drawers I needed more and I really needed deep ones so I could put in books and notebooks. Holy cats I never knew how expensive deep hanging files are. They are like $36 for 20!!

I wrestled with myself trying to say I could make due with the regular files for $15. One of my guides stepped in and said “why would you make all that extra work for yourself? Why don’t you get what you really need?”

I went to the store with the intention to spend my $35 and get what I needed. See the thing is if I had gone in and gotten the normal ones I wouldn’t have gone on the other aisle with the deep ones and realize that EXACTLY what I needed was on clearance for $2.98.

I swear.

Three times more that happened to me.


A few weeks ago I saw a breezy kimono style drape/wrap in a store. The pattern was adorable and the colors soothing (patterns and I sometimes don’t get along. I’d normally rather wear solids than loud prints.) I decided not to buy it because it was $50 and I didn’t really need it. I went back because it had been on my mind.

The very last one in my size. Grabbed it and wandered a bit but didn’t pick anything else out. Got to the register ready to pay my $50, and it rang up for $8.

I swear. Talk about a happy girl on the sidewalk.

Same day, I get home. I have a matching living room set, and I just painted the boring brown end tables with “Trader Vic” (Read: pretty aqua teal). I was going to have my friend hobble me to together a third coffee table. Less than 24 hours after having a conversation with him about how much this and that, and I happened to open Facebook while waiting for a call with my business coach, Nicole Lilioa, and a lady had just posted an end table on a local FB yardsale site. An end table that happened to be IDENTICAL to mine except that she’d (poorly) painted it red.

My friend came back the next morning, and stood just inside my front door with his mouth hanging open and said “HOW did you find an identical table out of nowhere?”

Once I align myself with my desires and know that “I serve. I deserve..” my occasional treat makes it’s way into my life with ease, like nothing can stop it from coming into my world.


One more thing that one of my money mindset teachers, has been working with us on is debt. I set a goal to be out of all my “old” debt (like credit cards I got in college) by the end of 2015. A few days after the table thing, I got a letter in the mail offering me a settlement for 1/4 of a loan balance. I’ve been making the monthly payments for a long time, and I snatched up the phone to pay it off!

My money mindset mentor/teacher (that I just mentioned) Denise Duffield-Thomas is someone I’ve worked with for several years. She taught me the mantra, I serve, I deserve. (In fact I manifested her course itself in a charity raffle! I actually think I’m the only one who won my way in!!)

Her positive spark has affected every aspect of my self-love, self-appreciation, and of course my money mindset. She is offering a free manifesting course that is outstanding right now as well! I have been in this course for years, and still got more value out of listening to this free course.

Her course has rebranded and she is opening the doors again. I know this course is so powerful that if you use my affiliate link to sign up, I’ll gift you a 4 week money clearing package. I cannot in all honesty think of anything more powerful to jumpstart a money mindset shift in anyone’s life.

And because I believe that you should be sure and want you to have an place you can ask honest questions before you buy,  you can schedule a session with me here to talk  it out before you join. (You are probably going to hear my applaude the amazing Facebook group over and over but I will give you honest feedback if I think this is the right course/group for you.)

As an affiliate I do receive a monetary payment if you purchase through my link. That is one way that I am able to share it forward and gift you a service of my own that I believe in just as strongly as I do in Denises’s course.

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