Health- The Heart of the Home: Feng Shui and Money- A Nine Week Book/Program

“Eric has brightly lit each step of the path to abundance. Take a nine-week walk with him –you won’t regret it!” Karen Rauch Carter, author of Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life

Feng Shui and Money: A Nine-Week Program for Creating Wealth Using Ancient Principles and Techniques was written by a practitioner named Eric Shaffert.

Feng Shui is the Art of  a creating Harmony in physical spaces such as homes. It focuses on promoting flow so energy can move through a home. Feng Shui is a continual practice as things change, and grow, and as you want to have a  constant effort in bringing fresh energy into your life. As Certified Feng Shui practitioners, we tend to focus on finding the detrimental issues and work to correct them, and add cures. While detrimental issues can be huge things like an unsafe renovation, or standing rancid water, it can also be a stuckness- no motion, no way to invite in change. Even as practitioners, we work to always strive to find our next step.

I’m going to be working through the whole book up to the Lunar New Year on January 28th, 2017, and the shift to the Year of the Rooster on February 4, 2017. I’m going to be working through Mr. Shaffert’s book on three levels. Prior to Lunar or Chinese New Year it is tradition to deep clean your home. I am also moving to a different condo in my condo complex just before Lunar New Year, so I’ll actually be working on this project in both of my condo units, and I’m really excited about having a completely renovated unit to start the new year in.

Grab a copy if you’d like to work alongside me.

“Day 1”: Where it starts: 

Shaffert starts with a journal log of questions like What does wealth mean to me?

Wealth is, to me, enoughness and potential, ease and confidence.

There is an internet joke that says “I want to be just rich enough to never have to think  twice about adding guacamole.” Sounds a bit silly, but to me that is wealth- if I want the guacamole/avocado/extra bacon, the extra $2 is available to me to have what I want.

Then Shaffert quickly dives into the important parts of the home.

The first section of the book takes a look at the Center Baqua of the home- which is focused on Health. Because wealth is never really about money. Prosperity and financial security (or lack of) are usually simply indicators of larger issues- like family problems, or health issues. I mean anyone who has been through a divorce, or custody battle, or major health problem knows what a financial nightmare they can become. Quote, if you haven’t got have your health, you don’t have anything.

Even as many times as I’ve looked at my own home, I started noticing things immediately as I worked through the first section, looking at the Health Baqua in my own home.

Monkey in the Year of the Monkey and His Healthimg_0983-2

Being the wildly busy year of the Monkey, and as my new Husband, David (who was born in the year of the Monkey), moved in this year- funny enough he officially moved in two days after the shift to Monkey New Year… just to prove my point, you see how that sentence got away from me. It’s miles long before I even got to my point! That’s the year of the Monkey for me. I have two Conflicts in my Chart with the Year of the Monkey, and I spent most of it with my head down focusing on holding on. My point was that I haven’t entirely Feng Shui’ed our home since David moved in.

When David and I first met, he had just gotten health insurance for the first time in over 10 years. He hadn’t seen a doctor in over 7 years and that was an Emergency Room visit for Kidney stones! EEK! It immediately became obvious to me that David had gallstones and gallbladder issues.

Plus he hadn’t been to the dentist in like 20 years, and had multiple weak teeth that were crushed and broken off at the gum line. His mouth was hurting him so bad, we hadn’t even known each other a month before I made him a dentist appointment. I was a little surprised when they said they were going to have to pull (only) 10 of his teeth, because I thought they were going to have to pull them all.

Then after months of gallbladder attacks we focused on getting that out. The surgeon agreed and scheduled his surgery less than a week after our first visit. Golf ball sized gallstones later, David was beginning to feel better. We’ve focused on back issues, and further stomach issues that we just can’t seem to place the problem in.

Feminine Issues

As for me, I’ve lived here five years, and I’ve had some ongoing feminine issues that continue to be problematic. I feel like I’m finally under the care of a doctor with my best interests in mind, rather than someone who is going to bring me in for biopsies every 3 months just so he can bill my insurance, but… the past 2 years has been quite a round of doctor visits and surgeries for me as well.

Health Baqua Itself

In the book, Feng Shui and Money, Shaffert tells a story about a woman who can’t seem to focus on anything, and whose career ambles in different things constantly changing. Her Health Baqua (which is always the center of the home) was a long dark hallway that sharply angles and leads in 3 drastic different directions. As I read this, I started staring at a problem.

The center of our house is built around a tall half wall. On one side is our TV and all it’s clutter. Board games are stored under the TV stand, there are Playstation Games, a Kindle fire stick, and bits and pieces and just stuff in general. The other side is in our kitchen, with the farthest cabinets from the stove, so they store things we don’t use often.

When I work with clients I talk about hot spots, looking for problem areas within the home where no matter how much you clean, you always come back to a mess. The end of our counters right in our health baqua is always ours. It’s the first large flat area to set things down in our house, and I have more than once come in with an arm load of stuff, and furiously found it stacked high with junk and dishes, and currently legal documents!

Sounds a lot like my husband’s stomach turmoil and my constant frustration with  15+ gynecologist visits a year, doesn’t it?

Solutions to a Health Baqua Issue

As I work with clients, I find that issues “pop” up where the message needs to be found quite

Eva's First Morning Home

Eva’s First Morning Home

often. Before David moved in, we didn’t have a Playstation or all it’s bits and pieces and games, and our TV isn’t where it is now. David wanted a recliner, so we basically added a double recliner in addition to the couch I already had in the living room and things had to be changed to accomadate a new member of our household. And then we rescued a 10 day old kitten, who needed to be kennel trained, and we have to adjust for another member.

I’m looking at the baqua in two lights. One, we are moving to another unit in our condo complex in ONE month, days before the Chinese New Year, Year of the Rooster. This unit has a much more open, lower half-wall with a breakfast bar, which we plan to use as soon as we pick out bar stools. By using that area, it won’t become cluttered with trinkets, mail, and whatever else is currently on the end of my counter, and pass-through window. I also already have plans for a banquet, in the entryway, because our new unit also has a foyer *PRAISES*.

In our current unit, I am already making changes. I removed or threw out a bunch of stuff on the window. I’m about to pack the board games away in a moving box. I’m about to make a point to move the whole TV stand and clean behind it (a certain kitten knocked a whole container of safety pins and goodness-knows-what-else back there. And I’m going to the lawyer Tuesday.

So what’s in the center of your house?

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