Feeding A Stuffed Bear

Strange dream last night.

I was in an unknown town checking into a really cheap hotel that was in an old converted house. It reminded me of those movies staged in “Old Mexico”.Taxco

Everything was very quiet, peaceful and floaty (sort of like the scene in Mr. & Mrs. Smith where they first meet.)

After sleeping soundly all night, I go down to breakfast. I sit down with my 5 year old daughter, R, and we eat breakfast. One of my business colleagues, Raj, who I see about once a year is sitting at the table and keeps giving me funny looks.

I go back to my room and realize that I feel funny. In the mean time, Raj has called the police and told them that he thinks I’ve been drugged and that my daughter has been kidnapped, because I was carrying around a stuffed bear, calling it her name, and acting really funny.

So the police show up and swarm the hotel. They are asking lots of questions and trying to determine if my daughter was even with me when I arrived. I can’t seem to answer anything because my head seems to be like the inside of a cloud.

They find my daughter quickly and detain the kidnapper. I think we may have been in Mexico because they gave me first crack at the suspect before they took him to jail.


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