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EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. The technique involves “tapping” acupressure points while using a script, mantra, or reversing negative phrases to recode your deep beliefs.
My EFT History
I normally turn to energy clearing over EFT, but I can’t help but admit how the effects of EFT are almost instantaneous. I realized recently that I struggle to do EFT if I don’t have a script or video to follow along with.

My friend, Tara Leduc, kind of sparked my fire on EFT again recently. She challenged herself to 20 minutes by the clock for 66 consecutive days of tapping in the spring of 2015.  It’s difficult to post a tapping session on Instagram, believe it or not. I love Tara’s idea of moving stones from jar to jar. I wish I had though of something like that when we first started. She is doing a new challenge in July on Finding Instant Peace during a Busy Summer.  (Update: I just found out there are prizes too.)
At first, I was tapping on depression with this video on YouTube, also from David Childerley (how I first learned about him). This video is a piece of a 30 day challenge and I’ve only done this video.
I also love Brad Yates- He has tons of EFT videos on YouTube, and I only went looking for someone else when I didn’t find a script source from Brad. His video here on Being a Money Magnet is not only great, he’s kind of funny.
The Course

Recently I bought this course from David Childerley on How EFT Tapping Clears Procrastination & Move you Forward, on Udemy, after having my EFT interest sparked by Tara’s Instagram Challenge. Every time I tap through the rounds, I come away super charged and with my mind buzzing with things to do. The first time, I went through lesson 1, I almost couldn’t hold my seat until the end of the (reasonably short) lesson.Unfortunately, my energy wasn’t focused and my house ended up half cleaned, my desk was more messed up from trying to straighten up, and there was some cooking done. I didn’t finish a single thing.I quickly learned I needed to look at my to-do list and prioritize it before I started the lesson. I tapped through Lesson 1, at least a dozen times, because I was getting such great results from it. I finally moved on to the lesson on boredom. Very helpful as well.Very pleased with my recent experiences with EFT, and looking forward to trying to integrate it into my daily rituals.

Do you use EFT? Would you be interested in doing a challenge?
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