City Hall Mayhem

Another strange, hyper-vivid dream.

Walked across white concrete parking lot into municipal city hall building in Mount Juliet. Was taken through the whole building to the back. To get from the main hallway to the office we needed we had to go through a giant open room like being in a museum. There were couches and giant windows and columns. The carpet was red, with white furniture and brown curtains.

I had a successful meeting from the great captain chairs and a view of the parking lot. The mayor asked me to stay for a town hall meeting. I don’t live in that town so I wasn’t really interested and sat on a leather couch at the back of the room.

The meeting was chaos.

Suddenly my daughter and our cat Duchess were with me even though I hadn’t brought them. One particular man was determined to scare Duchess and I was cradling her like a baby. She is normally very nervous and was relatively docile during this event.

I was trying to leave but one of the staff kept pointing out that one of the curtains was significantly shorter than all the others.

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