10 Most Highly Suggested Books on Feng Shui

Feng Shui Books are a super popular topic. I get asked for recommendations **ALL** the time. I’ve read a great number of them- if I learn one new thing or technique I’m elated.
Here are the top 10 Books I suggest. Each of these books has a different focus, ranging from Declutter, Health, Mindset, to ADVANCED Feng Shui. Take a look and see where you are and what you personally need at the moment. They are also organized by Beginner/Casual Interest, Intermediate, and Advanced levels for your ease. Read more

Feng Shui Tips to Bring in Money Fast

One of the questions I get asked most often is a variation of “Can you give me a remedy to bring in money… fast?”

Pick and choose from this list, or use them all!

I mean it. You’ll hear me say it over and over, but it works. By opening your space to allow for more and better things to arrive, your life will shift. Be mindful of not allowing decluttered spaces to become a vacuum of items and junk just falling into place.

Allow for more and better!

Get a wallet you love that is easy to use:

I bought myself a wallet for my birthday, and it was so pretty when it showed up, but the workmanship was not all that good, so it wore out super quickly. Every time I picked up, tried to use (emphasis on tried), or put away my wallet, somewhere in my mind I was agitated that the quality wasn’t better, and that it wasn’t working. After the company replaced my wallet 3 times wallet openin 6 months, they pulled the product because they were replacing so many because surprise the wallet wasn’t well made. Read more

Having Trouble with Meditation? Try this.

Having Trouble with Meditation?

You may have seen me talk about starting meditation 12 years ago when I was a freshman in college. At the time, the class my therapist sent me to was on Zen meditation.

But they didn’t tell me that.

Meditation, as a theory, wasn’t even well introduced in the class. Zen meditation teaches you to calm and completely silence your mind.

At its core, each style of meditation is centered on one thing: mindfulness. Read more

Authentic Affiliate Academy

My business coach, Nicole Lilioa, recently launched her Authentic Affiliate Academy. I talked with her about why she decided to teach her method, and what affiliate marketing can look like for soul-centric businesses, who want genuine connections in their businesses right down to who they give reviews and referrals to. 

Check it out and let me know if you have any questions about affiliate marketing for Nicole or myself. The Academy is for sale for $97 until October 5th ($147 after!) I am NOT an affiliate for this program. I just love Nicole and her teaching and coaching style. Her mastermind this year has been the best I have ever experienced.

Curse of the Deformed Towel

towelsEf this towel in particular. This towel is like a boomerang in a cartoon. I just couldn’t get rid of it, without it turning up and smacking me in the face again.

I may have seriously broken up with a guy because he pulled this towel out of the garbage.

I don’t know for certain what happened to this towel. I purchased it at the same time as all of our other towels, but it’s now been floating around my house in it’s deformed state for several years. I avoid it at all costs, and usually grab it when I’m using a saw, painting, or need to throw one on the floor. Read more

EFT Booster

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. The technique involves “tapping” acupressure points while using a script, mantra, or reversing negative phrases to recode your deep beliefs.
My EFT History
I normally turn to energy clearing over EFT, but I can’t help but admit how the effects of EFT are almost instantaneous. I realized recently that I struggle to do EFT if I don’t have a script or video to follow along with.

Read more