Perspective in Feng Shui

The difference between a flower and a weed is a judgment. ~ Unknown



Have you ever had to grieve over something that someone else didn’t understand?

Recently my cactus died after my nanny accidentally slammed it in the backdoor. She nearly cried when I got home because she thought I’d be angry. She knew how much I loved my cactus.



One of the things I have learned during my Feng Shui training is to never jump to conclusions or allow your own impressions to color your perspective and the advice you give someone else. Feng Shui is, at it’s core, all about feeling.

My mentor, Tina Falk at VIA School of Feng Shui, uses the phrase “How does that make you feel?”

An item that may be adorable and playful to me, may be kept out of guilt by someone else. A piece that you love may look like a hot mess to me. Each of us is bound by our own perspective (and taste) to some degree. My question is in how far our opinions can go before they damage or harm others.

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