Having Trouble with Meditation? Try this.

Having Trouble with Meditation?

You may have seen me talk about starting meditation 12 years ago when I was a freshman in college. At the time, the class my therapist sent me to was on Zen meditation.

But they didn’t tell me that.

Meditation, as a theory, wasn’t even well introduced in the class. Zen meditation teaches you to calm and completely silence your mind.

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Advice from my Mom

When I was in maybe 8th grade, I asked for a “cd player” for Christmas. My mom, knowing I already had a portable CD player, realized that I was asking for a stereo. After clarifying she said something that’s stuck with me all these years: “You really should be specific about what you want or (she held her hands out flat and imitated a deep sigh) you’ll be disappointed in what you receive.” I remember that image in my head as if it had happened just a few minutes ago. I could even tell you what she was wearing.

I often find, in reflection, that the results I receive are the most disappointing or frustrating come from poop and unclear instructions. “Give me that.” instead of “Give me that towel so I can clean up this mess.” “Move.” instead of “Please move out from in front of the dishwasher.”

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