The Effect of Anxiety


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For years, I battled depression. I don’t use the word battle lightly. There were times when I holed myself away from the world, months I spent in bed, and times when I came down to a single reason not to just kill myself and be done. To be honest, I’m not sure my awareness of my downward cycles will ever totally go away, but that awareness allows me to balance myself and take counteraction when needed.

In 2004, I attended Auburn University. One of their campus psychologists introduced me to meditation after I had such bad testing anxiety I had a meltdown, mid-hallway after class. At that time, it was difficult for me to calm my mind, even for just 30 seconds. Today, that meditation base is one of the keys to my energy work on every level. Some days I spend hours in a variety of meditations. Getting to that point, was one minute at a time over a decade. Read more

Integration and a Huge Mess in My Own Kitchen


I talk a lot about the importance of Integration and Grounding as steps in energy clearing. Integration itself is an act of putting energy and things “back where they belong”, or organizing them more efficiently. Kind of a leap in thinking for energy and soul work. But recently it’s a literal, physical lesson I’ve been learning.

My partner moved in with me in February. With that came a lot of learning points, how to work our schedules, how to work around one or both of us being sick, how to function when both of us had surgery within a week of each other (one planned, one emergency), and surprisingly, how to integrate our households. I thought “No big deal. David isn’t bringing any furniture, or large things. I organize other people’s houses *all* the time.”

Well **EFF** was I wrong. For 6 weeks, there was stuff everywhere. It’s been several months and somethings still don’t have a place. Read more

Building a Solution in My Own Kitchen

Even as a Feng Shui Practitioner, there are always ways to improve our homes, and lives for better functionality. We live in a decent sized two-story townhouse. Our kitchen is large, which I love. After our last apartment I refused to ever live with a galley kitchen again.

The thing is… it’s not laid out great. I wish the counter between the living room and kitchen was the same height. I wish there was at least one “wide” cabinet (and by wide, I mean normal width.)

I cook a lot. Like nearly every meal, nearly every day. I work from home so I either cook my lunch or heat up left overs (I do like to strategically batch cook.) I have four pieces of stoneware (think Pampered Chef) and a cast iron dutch oven that won’t fit in our cabinets. I used to store them in the oven, but since I’m constantly using the oven, I was constantly moving all these pieces that aren’t all that light.  Read more

So what the ‘ell is Mercury Retrograde anyway?

Real Conversation I had with a Design Client during the Last Mercury Retrograde:

What I thought we said:
Mr H.: “What is that one?”
Me: Pine.

What he thought we said:
Mr H: “What about that one?”
Me: “Fine.”

A few minutes later I noticed he’d been acting strangely, and I said “Did you not like the pine?”
He looked me dead in the eyes for several hard seconds while he processed out that I had not said fine with an attitude.

So what the ‘ell is Mercury Retrograde anyway?

Mercury Retrograde is an astrological term for when the planetary alignment shifts so that Mercury is physically behind the Earth in the race around the sun. It’s legendary for its ability to tear down our communication network, fry electronics, dredge up pain bodies of the past and leave us in achy puddles of pent up energy. It happens about 3 times a year. Some people swear their computer and communication goes absolutely crazy. Others claim the phenomena isn’t real at all. Read more

Why I’ve been off Wheat and Gluten for 5 years

Today is Monday. I am 29 years old. It’s 10:38 a.m. and I’ve been in bed for more than 12 hours. I can barely move.

My lower back is seized up. My hips, knees, ankles, wrists, shoulders, and neck ache and move stiffly.

For 5 years, I ate zero wheat.

Five years ago, my allergist found that I was allergic to wheat and suggested I go completely wheat free for a time. 3 months later, I’d lost 52 pounds and felt better than I had in years.

Read more