Bungalow Houses

I dreamed that I lived on a quiet street, in a two story, bungalow style house, complete with a thatch roof. It had a porch light spreadscreened in porch and a light blue kitchen. The master bedroom upstairs was open and airy, with slide away walls.

Across the street diagonally lived a single man and we started seeing each other after a brief period. We exchanged keys and saw each other quite a bit. Very comfortably, simply reading or being in each other’s presence was relaxing and fun.

We were a little hesitant to sleep together for fear of rushing things. But often found that it was late at night before one of us was going home.

One morning at around 1 A.M. as he left my house, my neighbor popped his head at the door and fussed saying the porch light was annoying every night. I asked him if he had window shades and why it mattered since their bedrooms were on the far side of the house? I tried not to be upset, mad or rattled by him, but I was disappointed that the peaceful feeling was broken now.

Later that night, or perhaps the next night, my boyfriend let himself into the house and snuggled into my bed. The same neighbor fussed in the morning that my boyfriend had left his porch light on all night after he had walked across the street. The boyfriend told the neighbor to shove off and left his light on all the time.

(Interesting to note, that it was only my boyfriend and I in the house. I have a daughter and cats and they didn’t seem to be around at least not during the active portions of the dreams. I do note also that the inside of the bungalow was spotless. I’m not a very great housekeeper but the lack of little kid’s stuff and cat toys/food/litter made it easier to keep clean.)

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