Oh fall. I know everyone loves that first day when the heat breaks and it gets just ever so chilly. Fall is one of my favorite times of year. I’ve always loved Halloween, and I always enjoy the ease with which my work seems to take on during the thinning of the veil this time of year.

Because this time is so special, I’m offering a special package for both of us to take advantage of the ability to connect more clearly with your ancestors during this thinning. This package is only available until 11/11.

If you’ve ever had a curiosity about your ancestors, or have questions you’d like their advice on this package is the magic you’ve been looking for. A bone reading uses a collection of trinkets and bones cast to show messages from your ancestral team. I’ll also call in your ancestors (and guides) for further messages and advice.

      • This package is a combination bone reading and medium session.
      • You’ll also receive a Tarot card pull for summation of your session.

Fall tends to be a time of reflection for most of us, as we cycle through and release all that we no longer need, and get ready for the deep replenishment of winter, I’m so happy to invite you to take part in these special ancestor sessions.

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