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Advice from my Mom

When I was in maybe 8th grade, I asked for a “cd player” for Christmas. My mom, knowing I already had a portable CD player, realized that I was asking for a stereo. After clarifying she said something that’s stuck with me all these years: “You really should be specific about what you want or […]

Facebook Quick Tip

Feng shui can apply to all aspects of our lives. Decluttering can be so painful so I have a super quick tip for you. Denise Duffield Thomas, of Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp, recently shared this tip with me. When you are overwhelmed with Facebook friends and your Facebook feed, get ready to do some unfriending. […]

Feeding A Stuffed Bear

Strange dream last night. I was in an unknown town checking into a really cheap hotel that was in an old converted house. It reminded me of those movies staged in “Old Mexico”. Everything was very quiet, peaceful and floaty (sort of like the scene in Mr. & Mrs. Smith where they first meet.) After […]

City Hall Mayhem

Another strange, hyper-vivid dream. Walked across white concrete parking lot into municipal city hall building in Mount Juliet. Was taken through the whole building to the back. To get from the main hallway to the office we needed we had to go through a giant open room like being in a museum. There were couches […]


Dreamed I was working in a horrible, tiny, labyrinth of a store, but my boss was the same woman I work with at the library. Quit my job after getting in a fight with a customer who was trying to shoplift something that wasn’t even for sale. Decided to take a long trip to Northern […]

My Beautiful Guide

Once upon a time, I had vivid, Alice-in-Wonderland-style, off-the-wall dreams nearly every night. One of my best friends jokingly would start our morning conversations with what insane planet were you on last night? Over a year ago, I started doing a lot of meditation and channeling while awake and basically stopped dreaming for a while. […]

Bungalow Houses

I dreamed that I lived on a quiet street, in a two story, bungalow style house, complete with a thatch roof. It had a screened in porch and a light blue kitchen. The master bedroom upstairs was open and airy, with slide away walls. Across the street diagonally lived a single man and we started […]

Old-Time Bully

<em>In this dream, I was more of an observer than actually a participant I believe. I felt like I could “float” from room to room, like I was on the end of a boom camera, making super smooth transitions.</em> It was a different time period. One were flues were still used for heat. A scampy […]