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Laundry Life Lessons

People have a difficult time seeing things from someone else’s point of view. They hesitate to delegate a despised task because they wouldn’t want to do it so they wouldn’t want to trouble someone else with a hated task. But delegation isn’t punishment. Now what if you could hire someone that loves {hated task}? They […]

The Effect of Anxiety

  For years, I battled depression. I don’t use the word battle lightly. There were times when I holed myself away from the world, months I spent in bed, and times when I came down to a single reason not to just kill myself and be done. To be honest, I’m not sure my awareness […]

Integration and a Huge Mess in My Own Kitchen

Integration I talk a lot about the importance of Integration and Grounding as steps in energy clearing. Integration itself is an act of putting energy and things “back where they belong”, or organizing them more efficiently. Kind of a leap in thinking for energy and soul work. But recently it’s a literal, physical lesson I’ve […]

Building a Solution in My Own Kitchen

Even as a Feng Shui Practitioner, there are always ways to improve our homes, and lives for better functionality. We live in a decent sized two-story townhouse. Our kitchen is large, which I love. After our last apartment I refused to ever live with a galley kitchen again. The thing is… it’s not laid out […]

So what the ‘ell is Mercury Retrograde anyway?

Real Conversation I had with a Design Client during the Last Mercury Retrograde: What I thought we said: Mr H.: “What is that one?” Me: Pine. What he thought we said: Mr H: “What about that one?” Me: “Fine.” A few minutes later I noticed he’d been acting strangely, and I said “Did you not […]

10 Most Highly Suggested Books on Feng Shui

Feng Shui Books are a super popular topic. I get asked for recommendations **ALL** the time. I’ve read a great number of them- if I learn one new thing or technique I’m elated. Here are the top 10 Books I suggest. Each of these books has a different focus, ranging from Declutter, Health, Mindset, to […]

Perspective in Feng Shui

The difference between a flower and a weed is a judgment. ~ Unknown   Have you ever had to grieve over something that someone else didn’t understand? Recently my cactus died after my nanny accidentally slammed it in the backdoor. She nearly cried when I got home because she thought I’d be angry. She knew […]