Dreamed I was working in a horrible, tiny, labyrinth of a store, but my boss was the same woman I work with at the library. Quit my job after getting in a fight with a customer who was trying to shoplift something that wasn’t even for sale.

Decided to take a long trip to Northern Australia, where I drove and drove for miles. In the middle of nowhere I found a job as a aid at a health center (maybe a psychiatric place). The walls were all powder blue.Blue wall

While walking out to my car on the second day, I was attacked by a huge hulk of a man, with a shaved head and blue eyes.

Managed to narrowly escape when a male co-worker, with soft-looking, brown hair, saw what was happening and drove between me and the huge man with his car. My rescuer had on white scrubs and a blue sweatshirt-hoodie. There were some kind of wisteria bushes all around the outside of the center.

The huge man was forced to leave the center but I only stayed for a few days longer. I ended up going back and getting my first job back.

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