Want to Learn Elemental Clearing and Space Clearings / House Blessings?

We have set the dates for the 5-Element Energy Clearing Class for September 25-27, 2020. Skip below for more details not the “Basics” class.

There will be an Advanced Class weekend TBD in the Dec-Jan-Feb time frame, based on everyone’s schedules. The Advanced Class will teach you to do Ancestral, Karma, Clearings through time and space, Advanced Business Clearings, Legal Situations.

Space Clearing Class will be held IN PERSON in the Salt Lake City, Utah area in Spring 2021. Likely end of March/April. Dates will be forth coming. Space Clearing will teach you to Bless the home, remove Emotional energetic residue, clear Geopathic Earth issues, address portals/vortexes and entities such as ghosts or other things clinging on.

All options will include a Facebook group for support.

5-Element Energy Clearing Class (3 Day Intensive Weekend)

September 25-27, 2020. Skip to the bottom to see what’s included with the packages.

The first class will be that evening at 6:30 PM Central time/ 5:30 PM Mountain Time.

Friday: Introductions

Friday evenings class will be an introduction to the Clearing Principles, a quick break down of the 5-Elements System, and Pendulum Training.

Saturday: Learn to “Clear”

Saturday morning: We’ll learn about energy management and safety before we start clearing.

Saturday afternoon: You’ll learn how to integrate the 5-Elements System, into the clearing process and how to work layer by layer through the process. Once you learn how to clear using the 5-Elements System, you can experiment with other modalities and layers (I use Chakras, Time Phases, and all sorts of different layering systems!) By the end of this call, you will be ready to Partner up, and clear at least the first level of the layered clearing.

Saturday Evening: You’ll learn about how emotion and information comes hand in hand with this process. It can bring up a lot of energy and emotion! You’ll learn how to give feedback to the person you are clearing, as well as how to describe what the process is or isn’t.

Sunday: Beyond People

On Sunday we will also have a Morning, Afternoon, and Evening call. Depending on how quickly we are moving, our call outline may progress faster than outlined.

Sunday Morning: We’ll discuss clearing Relationships, Situations, and “Things”.

Sunday Afternoon: We may continue Things, and if we are far enough ahead, we will learn Basic Business Clearings, and How to Clear Animals.

Sunday Evening: Will be a Q&A and wrap up call.