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  • Sick of feeling tired all the time?

  • Family constantly or Chronically ill?

  • Struggling in Relationships due to health or commitments?

  • Constantly Stressed from work?

  • No idea where to start to bring your life together?

  • Learn how the energy of your space resonates with the energy of your body.

  • Discuss if your physical location is exacerbating a physical condition.

  • Find out how to take action easily to better your whole life.

Get ready to learn the five keys to a healthy and healed life using Feng Shui in your home and lifestyle.

Erica Cosminsky

Erica Cosminsky

Energetic Healer, and Certified Feng Shui Practitioner

I focus on healing for each of my clients, be their needs emotional, physical, spiritual, Earth-energy related, or deeply unconscious blocks, I hold a Red Ribbon Feng Shui Practicioner Certification with the International Feng Shui Guild, after a year of mentorship in Feng Shui, three years of mentorship in energy healing and Chinese Face Reading, and over 10 years of study.